PISTA: the Platform for Innovations in Statistics

PISTA is a platform that collects and shares innovations in data and statistics. PISTA allows easy browsing and identification of the data innovations relevant to a specific data challenges.

PARIS21 has developed PISTA to help statistical agencies become more responsive to rapidly changing data demands. PISTA’s primary focus is on innovations relevant to developing countries.

PISTA is useful for all individuals and agencies working in data – especially those in touch with the modernisation of data processes and the design of data work programmes. There are many different ways to browse and find innovations, from a free text search to classification tags. Innovations are structured along five different classification schemes: by innovation category (ex: technological innovation), by sector (ex: health sector), by type (ex: software), by GAMSO / GSBPM steps (ex: collect data), and by geography (ex: India and Mozambique).

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