Partner Report on Support to Statistics (PRESS)

The Partner Report on Support to Statistics (PRESS) is one of PARIS21's primary publications. It presents data on technical and financial support to statistical development worldwide and is thus a valuable tool for collaboration. The report also analyses trends in aid for statistics in developing and emerging economies and advocates for an increase in funding for statistics to boost the chances of achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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PRESS 2021: Stagnant USD 624 million in financing to data and statistics under COVID-19 belies dramatic sectoral shift

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The PARIS21 Partner Report on Support to Statistics is the most comprehensive global analysis of donor financial flows to data and statistics.

  • The aim of PRESS is to provide a full picture of international support to statistics.

  • The 2021 edition is the first study to analyse the evolution of development data financing during the COVID-19 pandemic and features a new section on funding to civil registration and vital statistics.

  • PRESS covers the commitments received by all countries to align the number with the SDG indicator 17.19.1: “Dollar value of all resources made available to strengthen statistical capacity in developing countries”

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In 2005-2006, PARIS21 conducted a review of technical and financial support to statistical development in Sub-Saharan Africa. The results of this review (called the "light reporting exercise - LRE") were presented at the February 2006 Second Forum on African Statistical Development (FASDEV II) held in Addis Ababa and at the 8th Session of the Committee for the Coordination of Statistical Activities (CCSA) held in Montreal, Canada in September 2006.

The results were produced in a three-volume set ("Review of Support to Statistical Capacity Building in Sub-Saharan Africa"):

The CCSA recommended that PARIS21 convene an inter-agency task team to explore the refinement and expansion of this LRE. The PARIS21 Steering Committee approved this proposal in November 2006. The task team convened eight meetings to propose and refine its methodology. The minutes and outputs from those meetings are available on this site as follows:

  1. November 2006 PRESS task team meeting

  2. February 2007 PRESS task team meeting 

  3. May 2007 PRESS task team meeting 

  4. June 2007 PRESS task team meeting

  5. January 2008 PRESS task team meeting 

  6. March 2008 PRESS task team meeting 

  7. June 2008 PRESS task team meeting 

  8. October 2008 PRESS task team meeting

The objectives of this exercise -- now dubbed the Partner Report on Support to Statistics (PRESS) -- are to:

  • Learn what donors (i.e., technical and financial partners) are doing and plan to do in the statistical field and identify countries or areas of statistics in need of more support.

  • Offer this information to donors responsible for giving aid and to countries receiving it.

  • Raise the profile of statistics within the overall context of aid to developing countries.

PRESS activities have been mainstreamed into the PARIS21 Secretariat regular work programme. The exercise is conducted annually.