PARIS21 conducted the 2011 Round of the Partner Report on Support to Statistics (PRESS) and published the results in a report [PDF, 3.5 MB] with detailed results by recipient country, provider of development co-operation, and statistical activity presented in tabular form.

The findings of the current round of the PRESS – which provides a snapshot of support to statistical capacity development worldwide and is thus a valuable tool for collaboration – show that financial commitments to statistical development for the period 2009–11 amounted to roughly US$ 1.63 billion, having risen by more than 60% since the initial PRESS round in 2008. Support continues to be highly concentrated, with 15 countries accounting for 45.1% of total estimated commitments (including unallocated support) and 62.4% of total country-specific commitments.

The full report is available for download below, along with the accompanying data. PARIS21 also produced a special report on PRESS results specific to Asia-Pacific, at the request of the Partners for Statistics Development in Asia-Pacific.


Full Report

press 2011

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Special Report on Asia Pacific

press 2011 asia

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PRESS 2011 - Data

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PRESS 2011 Guide for Reporters

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