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Going local to leave no one behind: The role of sub-national data

PARIS21, the Swiss Federal Statistical Office's Unlocking the Power of Data Initiative and the Canton of Basel-Stadt are pleased to announce the 2023 Spring Meeting, which will focus on the role of sub-national data in leaving no one behind.

Low- and middle-income countries are on the frontline of climate change, humanitarian crises and other global challenges. Vulnerable and poor communities, women and girls and marginalised groups are often the hardest-hit and the most susceptible to being left behind. Sub-national data can play a critical role in helping to identify these groups and informing policies and programmes to address their needs, yet countries with low statistical capacity may have to overcome a set of hurdles to leverage local data to their full extent. 

Panelists will explore issues including:

  • What does ‘local data’ mean and why does it matter to policy making in LMICs?
  • What does local data reveal about climate change?
  • How can new partnerships unlock financing for local and sub-national data?
  • How are organisations and governments using local data to tackle humanitarian challenges?  

Join us in person or online.




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