PARIS21's Strategy

recent evaluation of PARIS21’s work concluded that the partnership has been very successful at meeting its original mandate and objectives, including putting statistics at the heart of policy making and development, through targeted advocacy at the country and regional levels; helping National Statistical Offices (NSOs) better coordinate and strengthen National Statistical Systems (NSSs), through National Strategies for the Development of Statistics (NSDSs); and supporting countries to improve data management through its Accelerated Data Program (ADP) and International Household Survey Network (IHSN) work.

Nevertheless, important challenges remain to match data production to user needs and demand, strengthen coordination around and monitoring of support for national capacity building strategies, ensure sufficient funding for data production needs in general and with regard to the response of National Statistical Offices to the SDGs in particular, and help countries adapt to the data revolution. Building on the 2015 evaluation’s broad recommendations, this strategy proposes a role for PARIS21 that continues to be focused on and responsive to the core needs of developing countries for statistical capacity building, but that also expands enough to help position countries effectively to take advantage of the new opportunities that the Sustainable Development Goals (SGDs) and the Data Revolution present. To this end, PARIS21 aims to focus its activities around four key roles:

  • Knowledge-sharing and innovation incubator
  • Advocacy
  • Coordination and monitoring
  • Technical support

Download the 2016-2020 Strategy