PARIS21’s neutrality has earned it the trust of developing countries and strong relationships with National Statistical Offices (NSOs). This work provides PARIS21 a strong advantage in continuing to provide guidance and develop frameworks, with a focus on improving national statistical systems, strengthening regional co-operation and improving access and use of statistics.

PARIS21 will continue to strengthen capacity in National Statistical Systems and its linkages to decision making processes while fostering and improving the production and dissemination of quality data for development.

PARIS21 works with countries and partners to strengthen the statistical systems of developing countries through:


An National Strategy for the Development of Statistics (NSDS) provides a country with a five to ten year strategy developing statistical capacity across the entire NSS and responding to national and international data demands. 


PARIS21 also supports the development of Regional Strategies for the Development of Statistics (RSDSs) whereby countries can collectively prepare an action plan that allows them to meet regional integration policy and agenda requirements.


The National Statistical System (NSS) is the combination of statistical organisations and units within a country that jointly collect, process and disseminate official statistics on behalf of a national government.

Data Ecosystem

The emergence of digital technologies has given rise to data sources and analytical methods, which were previously not possible. The community of interacting entities and the policy environment in which new data users and producers operate, creates an extended data ecosystem of many new actors.