Today, in the context of the 2030 Agenda for sustainable development and with the need of data producers to work with all partners from the data ecosystem, there is even more of a need to stimulate this dialogue. This exchange is a fundamental step in the NSDS design process and is used to advocate, as widely as possible, for statistical capacity development. In this framework, PARIS21 supports the dialogue between data producers and several types of users.


Data Communication: Journalist-Statistician Dialogue

PARIS21 has been working since 2014 to reinforce the dialogue between National Statistics Offices and journalists, through a specific program of training and national workshops.

Training of Trainers

As part of its Data Communication Training Toolkit, PARIS21 organises trainings of trainers (journalists and statisticians), consisting of e-learning sessions over 2 weeks, and face-to-face sessions, using video and audio recordings.

National Trainings

PARIS21 organises national trainings to gather statisticians and journalists.The aim of these workshops is to help statisticians better communicate on data and figures as well as to help journalists better understand statistics and the work of statisticians. At the end of the workshops, concrete recommendations are proposed, including actions to improve the regular provision of statistics to journalists, establishment of a network of journalists, and organisation of conferences and regular meetings with the press.

Previous workshops include:


It is important to know how to effectively use statistics. This is done by giving life to the number, giving it a voice and relating it to every daily life in Cameroon.

Evelyne Owona Essomba


Journalist, International Correspondent, CRTV, Cameroon


Reaching decision makers and advocating for the funding for statistics

Since its inception in 1999, one core mandate of PARIS21 has been to advocate for the financing of statistical development. PARIS21 measures the financial support support to statistical development in its PRESS and through SDG Indicator 17.19.1, and organises global and regional Foras gathering statisticians, government stakeholders from Ministries of Finance and Planning and donors to share and scale up good practices in the funding of statistics, and to improve donor coordination for statistical development, in particuler through the NSDSs.

At the country level, PARIS21 supports the elaboration of Country Reports on Statistical Support (CRESS), and assists in the elaboration of advocacy material and organisation of specific events to reach high level decision makers, parliamentarians , donors, or private stakeholders, in order to increase the funding for statistics.

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