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Tuesday, 29 January 2019; 9:00-10:00 am ET (Bogota, Colombia time)




The use of data from new and different sources provides real-time information, trends and behavioral patterns in areas critical for sustainable development. These new data sources provide new opportunities for decision making in countries. However, the credibility of data and efficiency of new partnerships must be generated between the actors involved, in order for the data to be relevant for the SDGs.

Seeking to promote commitments and measures so that progress towards the SDGs is based on evidence-based policy, this webinar will discuss some of the key issues related to big data and citizen-generated data as well as the NSO perspective on the use of non-traditional data sources, focusing on the real benefits of using these types of data sources.

Questions to be addressed

  • How can the use of big data or citizen-generated data contribute to measure the SDGs?
  • What are some benefits for companies when contributing large volumes of data to the sustainable development of a country?
  • What are the limitations of using non-traditional data sources for official statistics?
  • How important is the security and confidentiality of the information so that companies and citizens are willing to deliver their data?

Featured speakers

- Philipp Schönrock, Director of Cepei (Moderator)

- Ana María Blanco, Director Public Policy and International Relations, GSMA

- Rebecca Firth, Community and Partnerships Manager, Humanitarian OpenStreetMap

- Omar Seidu, Principal Statistician, Ghana Statistical Service

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