Strengthening Statistical Systems

PARIS21’s neutrality has earned it the trust of developing countries and strong relationships with National Statitstical Offices (NSOs). This work provides PARIS21 a strong advantage in continuing to provide guidance and develop frameworks, with a focus on improving national statistical systems.

Developing Innovative Solutions for Statistics

Increasing demands for high-quality and timely data require new solutions. To respond to this demand, PARIS21 has developed a number of innovative tools to help countries better respond to the changing data ecosystem.

Advocating and Funding for Statistics

Effective advocacy for statistics is crucial as evidence-based decision making and proper financing is necessary for the long-term development of National Statistical Systems (NSSs). PARIS21 is positioned to undertake advocacy at the international, regional and national levels and to provide support and access to advocacy materials for partners within the NSS.

Engaging in International Initiatives

Under its new strategy, PARIS21 will continue to facilitate discussion on key issues affecting data and statistics, and seek agreements on needed action with relevant partners.

Building and Sharing Knowledge

Since its inception in 1999, PARIS21 has been pushing forward the statistical capacity development agenda through the building and sharing of relevant knowledge across various thematic areas.